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Dad leading little girl to school, parallel parenting concept
Family Law

Parallel Parenting Vs. Co-Parenting

When you’re a parent about to get divorced, one of the things you will struggle to balance when the relationship ends is your role as a parent. Parents’ inability to support their children usually affects

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alienation of affection
Family Law

Can I Sue for Alienation of Affection?

The term alienation of affection isn’t well understood by non-specialists. However, it is one of the recurring themes in many family law cases. Unfortunately, most times, someone has to find out the hard way that

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PoSmiling nurse, concept of work hazards for nurses
Workers' Compensation

The Most Common Work Hazards Nurses Encounter

Nurses are one of the most important healthcare professionals in America. However, their jobs can be risky. In between caring for patients and administering medicine to them, these professionals get predisposed to lots of illnesses.

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