Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes

If you’ve sustained injuries while on the job in North Carolina, you may be entitled to compensation.

Work-related accidents can occur in any occupation. This may leave you with severe injuries and prevent you from returning to work.

An experienced lawyer can help you with your Charlotte workers’ compensation dispute. At Waple & Houk PLLC, our legal team is ready to fight for your rights, ensuring you are fully compensated.

Contact us now to find out if you have a case. Remember, insurance companies will do everything in their power to limit or deny your claim. A skilled Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer can help you through every step of the claims process. Call us now to book your free case review.

Causes of Workers’ Compensation Disputes

In North Carolina, there are reasons why insurance companies may deny workers’ compensation claims. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer in Charlotte can offer you sound legal counsel in the event of workers’ compensation claims disputes. Here are some of the reasons why an insurer may deny your claim:

1. Employment Status

Employers in North Carolina may classify you as an independent contractor rather than an employee to avoid paying any compensation. You can appeal this decision proving that your employment conditions meet North Carolina’s legal definition of an employee.

2. Outside Scope of Employment

The insurance company might deny your claim if you were injured outside the scope of employment. They may also deny your claim if your injuries were self-inflicted due to intentional misconduct or if you were intoxicated while at work.

3. Lack of Causation

If an insurance adjuster doesn’t see any connection between your injury and the workplace accident, they may deny your claim. For such workers’ compensation claims disputes in Charlotte, you should seek expert medical opinion from an experienced medical professional and competent legal advice from a reputable law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. Missed Deadline

You must report your workplace accident to your employer within 30 days from the date of the injury. If you fail to do so, the insurance company may deny your claim. Your benefits may not be payable after the deadline.

5. Inadequate Information

If you don’t provide adequate information about your injury, the insurance company may deny your claim. By working with a reliable Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer, you can rest assured that your lawyer will attach relevant supporting documents to prove the workplace accident caused your injury.

There are many reasons leading to Charlotte workers’ compensation claims disputes. If you believe your claim was wrongly denied, reach out to Waple & Houk PLLC immediately. Let us help you get the benefits you deserve.

What to Do if Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied in North Carolina?

You have the right to appeal a denied comp claim in North Carolina. Reach out to an experienced Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney familiar with North Carolina’s appeals process. At Waple & Houk PLLC, our legal team will look into your case and offer you the best legal options.

Our lawyers will advise you on how to request a hearing before the Industrial Commission. This government agency hears workers’ compensation appeals and enforces the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. You have 14 days from the time you receive your denial to notify the Industrial Commission that you plan to appeal the insurer’s decision.

Types of Charlotte Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Workers’ compensation claims disputes are common in North Carolina. Most workers file these two disputes in North Carolina:

  • Medical Disputes: These are disputes concerning the injured worker’s treatment. An employer may deny paying for your therapy expenses, surgery costs, medical products, or home-based healthcare costs. A seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer in Charlotte can help you secure compensation to pay for your medical treatment.
  • Claim Disputes: There are various types of claim disputes that you can file in North Carolina. They include average weekly wage disputes, disability, the extent of your injury, and compensability. A reliable Charlotte law firm like Waple & Houk PLLC will go above and beyond to compel your employer and insurance company to settle such workers’ compensation claims disputes.

Workers’ Compensation Dispute and Appeals Process in North Carolina

There are various steps, forms, and deadlines involved in the appeals process in North Carolina. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, the first thing to do is file a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You can use Form 18 to file a claim with this government agency. This must be done within two years from the date of your workplace injury. Your employer and insurer have 30 days to respond to this claim.

If the insurance company goes ahead to deny your claim, you can request a hearing with NCIC. This is done using Form 33. A deputy commissioner will resolve your workers’ compensation claims dispute.

If you aren’t satisfied with the deputy commissioner’s ruling, you have the right to appeal the decision. The full commission will hear such appeals. If you are still unhappy with the result, you may appeal the ruling to the Court of Appeals in North Carolina.

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An on-the-job injury can completely alter your life. It can affect your health, well-being, and your financial security. If you have sustained injuries and are having trouble obtaining benefits, reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Charlotte.

Time is of the essence when handling these claims in North Carolina. At Waple & Houk PLLC, our legal team is ready to discuss your workers’ compensation claims dispute today. We can guide you through this process to help you secure the benefits you deserve. We are prepared to appeal any decision to maximize your compensation.

Call us today to find out how we can help you. Let us deal with your employer and the insurance company while you focus on your recovery. Don’t forget about the legal deadlines for workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina. You need to act fast to obtain maximum benefits. Get started now!


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