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Is it Wrong to Ask for a Prenup (Prenuptial Agreement)?

My paralegal and other attorneys in my office insist on having candy at our front desk constantly.  “It’s for the clients,” they say.  “Everyone loves it,” is also my personal favorite. It is almost as if that candy bowl is a cruel way of torturing me every time I walk by.  However, despite my objection, there is currently a bowl of clearance Valentine’s Day candy at the front of our office. Yes, after all of the cards had been picked through and the flowers had been sent, the candy gets marked down substantially.

Another sign that cupid’s favorite day has passed is the overflowing amount of the diamond rings on everyone’s news feed.  Cliché? Perhaps.  But, the day of love seems to encourage significant others to take the plunge and ask that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with them.  Some anticipated it and expected it and have been perusing bridal magazines for months.  Others were in absolute shock and had no idea.  No matter whether your situation meets the former or the latter, the surprise is slowly starting to wear off and you are thinking about the realities of a wedding and, hopefully, past the big day, your marriage.

The wedding is the first to be planned.  After all, that’s the fun part.  However, the marriage itself is a little harder to predict.  Life tends to happen to even the happiest of couples.

There are many things to consider including a possible Prenuptial Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “prenup.”  A little lawyer humor for you), Estate Planning for the happy couple and making sure that the beautiful diamond is insured.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup is a word that everyone tends to think is the atomic bomb dropped on an engagement.

I have personally heard all of the reasons not to have a prenup.

“I don’t have any assets.”

My answer is usually one of the following:  What if you acquire some?

What if you are the next best writer or inventor of a website or app that breaks the Internet?

What if you have to share all of those assets with someone who decides the marriage is not for them or that you have both changed and they no longer want to be married?

It is something to think about. 

And, if nothing else, it can be the ultimate love test.  “Hey Honey, will you please drop by my attorney’s office and pick up the prenup to review?”

As the St. Louis divorce lawyers at Haefner Law said, “If you can’t trust your spouse’s commitment to a relationship built on love, it is hard to see it lasting.”

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How prenups can save you during a divorce

While a prenup may not be for every couple, estate planning certainly is something everyone needs to think about.

Upon joining assets and joining your life with someone else, you want to make sure it is all protected and the one you love does not have to think about what you might have wanted should something happen.

No matter if it is a prenup or estate planning, the Charlotte, North Carolina divorce lawyers at Waple & Houk, PLLC will help guide you through the preparation and the difficult conversations and ensure you and your assets are protected.

Now, can we please make sure that your beautiful diamond is insured and go back to talking about the Valentine’s Day candy that is currently mocking me at the front of my office?