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Who Is Qualified to Adopt a Child in North Carolina?

If you choose to adopt a child, it’s a huge responsibility added to your life. When couples get married, they often plan to enjoy each other’s company for a period. After some time, many such couples wish to have children. The joy of holding tiny creatures that look exactly like them is wildly appealing. However, many times when they can’t have children, some couples resort to adoption to satisfy their desire to have kids.

If you’re considering adopting a child in Charlotte, you must be wondering whether you qualify under the law. This is because the law strictly governs adoption for the children’s protection. So, it’s excellent news that Charlotte family law attorneys can answer any questions you have. In addition, they can help you through the process to guarantee a happy adoption.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal proceeding that makes a person a parent over a child that isn’t biologically theirs. Therefore, this legal process creates a parent and child relationship between the adoptee and petitioner (adopting parent(s)). Interestingly, an adoption decree creates the same legal rights, privileges, obligations, and duties that biological relationships create. So, North Carolina law views the petitioner as it would see the child’s birth parents.

In Charlotte, you can adopt both minors and adults. However, spouses cannot adopt each other. Furthermore, an adult adoptee must agree to the adoption. In addition, once a child reaches 12 years, they must consent to their adoption. Moreover, the petitioner can file a motion to waive this requirement with cause. If the court clerk grants this waiver, they can avoid this requirement.

North Carolina’s Adoption Requirements

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) lists the qualifying criteria for persons who want to adopt kids in Charlotte. Firstly, it’s crucial to note that both singles and married couples can adopt children in NC. So, you shouldn’t worry that your single status will hinder your application.

However, it’s crucial to note that their spouse must join the petition where a married person wants to adopt a child. Luckily, the petitioner can file a motion to waive this requirement. Other requirements include you:

  • Must be 18 years and above;
  • Can own or rent a home; and
  • There’s no required income rate.

Furthermore, the adopting party must be fully committed to and capable of giving the child opportunities. These opportunities include physical, academic, social, and emotional provisions. If you meet all the requirements above, you’re qualified to adopt a child in Charlotte, NC. However, it’s noteworthy that adoption agencies may have additional qualifying conditions.

Pre-Placement Assessments

After a petitioner’s adoption petition is approved, they must also pass an assessment. Usually, a licensed adoption agency carries out this assessment. Furthermore, a county department of social services may undertake this responsibility. The pre-placement or home study ensures that the adoptee’s new home is conducive for them. So, the agency will consider the following factors:

  • Demographic data of everyone living in the prospective home
  • Family relationships and history, including deaths, marriages, and divorces
  • Personality attributes of family members
  • Spiritual or religious beliefs
  • Medical and health history of the family
  • The financial standing
  • The prospective family’s understanding of the adoptee’s needs
  • Criminal background check and verification of all adults in the home
  • Cultural awareness, sensitivity, and tolerance
  • Parental experience of the petitioner(s)

Beyond Legal Requirements, Are You Ready to Adopt a Child?

The qualification to adopt a child goes beyond meeting the legal aspects above. It would help to settle other issues, often emotional, before adopting kids. For instance, if you couldn’t have kids because of infertility, have you gotten past this stage? Or do you just see the adoptee as an alternative to natural birth?

Essentially, you must be prepared to accept this child and treat them like they’re yours. Finally, it would be best to check that you can offer them the love, care, patience, and wisdom that kids need to grow correctly.

Charlotte, NC, Family Lawyers, Can Aid Your Adoption Process

Do you want to adopt a child? Are you unsure whether you qualify as an adoption petitioner in North Carolina? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, it’ll be best to speak to a Charlotte adoption lawyer at Waple & Houk, PLLC. Indeed, you don’t need an attorney to adopt a child in North Carolina. However, hiring one can help your interests.

This need is because the law holds you to the same standard it expects of an attorney during the adoption process. Therefore, since adoption can get complicated in NC, hiring an attorney can guarantee a smooth process. Fortunately, our attorneys at Waple & Houk, PLLC have just the exemplary dedication and experience to help you. So, why not call us today for a consultation on your adoption proceedings.