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Monroe Family Law Lawyer

Domestic cases are sensitive and need to be handled with tremendous care. At Waple & Houk PLLC, we realize how important it is to take the right steps from day one. This includes understanding your legal rights, focusing on setting up the right legal parameters, and making sure the right legal strategy is put together.

Each step is just as important as the next, which is why choosing a qualified Monroe family law attorney is a must.

With Waple & Houk PLLC, you are going to feel confident in the value we bring to the process. Our lawyers are some of the best at what they do and will take the time to guide you through each step. This is where specialized family lawyers can go a long way in delivering great value.

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What Qualifies as a Family Law Case?

One of the most important details to think about will be your case and what category it falls under. A lot of people don’t think about these details as much as they need to, which can cause them to get confused and/or make the wrong choice.

At Waple & Houk PLLC, we are always prepared to assist clients with their cases and will ensure you find a qualified lawyer that specializes in this type of law.

To get started, you will want to figure out what qualifies as a family law case. There are certain types of cases that do fall under this category.

These can include:

1. Contested and uncontested divorce
2. Parental rights, child custody, and child support
3. Spousal support and alimony agreements
4. Legal name changes
5. Restraining orders

As you can see, there are several different types of cases that can fall under family law in North Carolina. This is why it’s important to take the time to see what Waple & Houk PLLC has to suggest. We are always willing to help and know what it takes to yield great results.

At our law firm, the goal is always to listen to our clients and see what their vision is. It is this attention to detail that makes us a great fit for your long-term needs.

To get started with our law firm, please take the time to give us a quick call at (704)954-8697.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in North Carolina?

It is critical to understand what the grounds for divorce are in North Carolina.

This includes going through the various details associated with these types of cases. Due to our experience at Waple & Houk PLLC, we are more than capable of understanding what needs to happen with your situation.

If Both Parties Agree

The most important detail is going to be whether or not both parties are on the same page about the divorce. In some cases, both parties are going to be amicable when it comes to divorce proceedings and these will go ahead smoothly. This is going to be deemed as being irretrievably broken.

Grounds for Divorce if Both Parties Do Not Agree

On the other hand, what happens when the other party is not willing to accept a divorce? What are your grounds for divorce in North Carolina then?

In general, you are going to want to move forward with causes such as willful neglect, extreme cruelty, habitual intemperance, willful desertion, adultery, and/or separation without cohabitation.

All of these are viable grounds for divorce both in Monroe and in the state of North Carolina.

Husband and wife sign divorce papers, Monroe family law attorney concept

The best thing you can do is take the time to speak with a competent lawyer. This will allow you to learn more about what the grounds for divorce are and how they apply to your legal situation. Remember, this is one of the most important steps during the legal process and you have to make sure your case is ironclad.

With our help, you are going to feel confident in the process and how it is going to unfold.

To get started with our Monroe lawyers, feel free to give us a call at (704)954-8697.

How Do You Start the Divorce Process?

Let’s assume you are ready to get a divorce in North Carolina.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to consult with a Monroe family law attorney. This is where our law firm comes into action because not only are we experienced but our law firm is also home to ample legal resources. This is great for putting your best foot forward while fighting for your legal rights.

Once you start consulting with us, you are going to learn more about your legal options. This will include how the legal claim is going to be filed, what the regulations are, and how to move forward based on your case details.

We will iron out all of this information well in advance so you are on the same page.

Our goal remains to satisfy your needs and this can include child custody if required. There are specific steps involved when it comes to child custody and this will happen during the divorce proceedings.

If you want to get started with a detailed consultation in North Carolina, please take the time to give us a call at (704)954-8697.

How Does the Division of Property Work in North Carolina?

Division of property has strict rules in North Carolina.

Any property that is owned by both people will be split based on court proceedings. These tend to be split in half but it will depend on what occurs during the process.

On the other hand, what about a property that was owned by a specific person before marriage? Will this also be split in half?

No, the division of property in North Carolina states it is going to stay with the person that has their name on the ownership. This will have to be proven in the court of law and the documents will have to be submitted when asked.

This is key information for those who do have a property that was under their name before they got married. In such cases, you are not going to have to give over that specific property in the split.

We realize this is a challenging bit of information to dissect and go through. It is not easy to understand how the legal stipulations apply to your case and that is fine. We are always ready to help and that is why having a good law firm by your side is a must.

For more on the division of property in Monroe, North Carolina, get started with us at (704)954-8697.

Wooden puzzle blocks with images of children, pets, money, division of property, Gastonia family law attorney

How Is Child Custody Decided?

We realize the most important part of the divorce is going to be your child’s custody.

You are going to want things to go smoothly and to make sure their custody is in your hands. If that is the case, it is important to focus on how child custody is decided in the state of North Carolina.

For child custody, the focus is going to be on two types of custody – physical and legal.

With physical custody, it is more straightforward. This refers to having the child with you physically for a specific time whether this is permanently or for short periods. The amount of time is decided during child custody proceedings.

With legal custody, this is going to focus on specific life decisions that are going to be made on behalf of the child. This can include a long list of things where a parent would have to sign off on for the child to go ahead.

It is important to fight for both and this will be a significant part of the process.

If you want your child’s custody, it is best to go with one of our legal experts. We are qualified to help and will offer relevant advice once you call (704)954-8697.

What Is Alimony and How Is It Decided?

Alimony is offered to those who cannot support themselves after the divorce goes through. This can include providing funds to raise a child.

In this case, there will be specific legal stipulations put in place for how much is going to be paid and when it’s going to be paid.

This can include temporary support or fixed duration alimony.

This is going to have a set timeline for when the payments will start and when they are going to finish. When it comes to a child, this is usually going to be on their 18th birthday.

It is important to go through all of this information with a lawyer by call (704)954-8697.

Call the Best Monroe Family Law Attorneys

If you are looking to move forward with a family law case in Monroe, you are going to want a qualified law firm to help out.

Waple & Houk PLLC is the best option for your needs and we will always do our best to help. We are committed, passionate, and always willing to go the extra mile. If you want to seek quality legal representation, please feel free to reach out to us at (704)954-8697 for a case evaluation today.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Monroe, North Carolina Family Law Attorneys

How Can I Find a Good Family Lawyer in Monroe, North Carolina?

Finding a good North Carolina family lawyer begins by researching attorneys who specialize in family law. Search websites, reviews, and practice areas to find a family law attorney in North Carolina who offers free initial consultations, so you can determine whether the attorney’s skills align with your needs, which will help ensure you are a good fit for each other. Your Monroe family law attorney must match your exact needs, which are unique to each case.

Can One Family Lawyer Handle All Aspects of My North Carolina Divorce?

We cannot speak for all family law attorneys in North Carolina, but our Monroe family lawyers manage all aspects of each of our client’s unique divorces, which ultimately means something different for everyone. Some of our clients have young children who become the center of their divorce proceedings. Others have high assets and no children, which could mean partnering with fiscal experts and forensic accountants. Yet others have complicated relationships that require an experienced family law attorney in Monroe to get to the bottom of which details actually matter to our clients. No matter what your North Carolina divorce looks like, we can help.

Can I Afford to Hire a North Carolina Family Law Attorney?

Yes. Hiring a family law attorney in North Carolina will allow you to evaluate each aspect of your marriage dissolution, so your rights are protected throughout the process. That means pursuing an equitable distribution of your assets and ensuring that your children’s best interests are at the forefront of the proceedings. In some cases, we may be able to recover your legal fees from the other spouse in the final family law settlement.

Should I Tell My North Carolina Family Lawyer Everything?

Yes. Your North Carolina family law lawyer can only provide the best representation available when they are aware of everything that has been happening in your marriage, inside your home, and any outside interference with your family dynamics. The more our Monroe family law attorneys know about your circumstances, the better prepared we will be to produce successful results for your unique case.

How Do I Prepare for a Meeting with a Family Law Attorney in Monroe, North Carolina?

The first step in preparing a change in your North Carolina family law case is contacting a family law attorney in Monroe who will advise and prepare you for the upcoming process. This includes understanding the facts associated with your case, what your expectations are, and how they align with North Carolina’s family law statutes, so that together we can create solid solutions inside and outside the courtroom, and you can move forward with confidence.