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Adoption in Charlotte: Can You Reverse One?

All adoptions do not work out as planned. Some situations may require one to apply to the court for adoption in Charlotte to be upturned. The request for an adoption reversal can come from any of the three parties in an adoption process: the adoptee, birth parent, and the adoptive parent. In any case, there must be solid grounds to grant this request.

Unfortunately, the method of securing an adoption in Charlotte isn’t an easy one anywhere, especially in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reversal process can get even more overwhelming and complicated because the design of an adoption process intends to be final. In addition, it will take a compelling reason to get an adoption reversal approved.

The process will also require the help of an experienced Charlotte adoption lawyer to make it happen. So what could these reasons be? This article provides answers.

Adoption Reversal in North Carolina 

Apart from the anxiety and apprehension that goes with it, adoptive parents go through a rigorous process to finalize an adoption. To be eligible, they also need to meet specific requirements like a 90-day residency and financial buoyancy. Birth parents also have to surmount a lot of doubt to go through the process.

For this reason, they can terminate an adoption in Charlotte at any stage before they append their signature and even seven days after. After the expiration of this window, adoption reversal is still possible, but the process becomes more daunting and the chances slim.

Why Would Birth Parents Want an Adoption in Charlotte Reversed? 

Before finalizing an adoption, the law allows a period within which any or both birth parents can rescind their decision to release the child. Any or both of the birth parents may either change their minds about the adoption altogether or about offering the child to the adoptive parents in question. Even after finalizing an adoption in Charlotte, there is a possibility of convincing the court to annul the decision. There are several reasons why a birth parent would want an adoption revoked.

Under North Carolina law, one parent can consent and offer their child for adoption in Charlotte. However, if any biological parent can prove that they were oblivious of the action or process, this situation can move a court to revoke an adoption. In some cases, a biological parent may not be aware of the child’s existence and only discover it after a complete adoption process. Such parents may request a reversal.

If a relative of a birth parent adopts a child due to the inability of the biological parent to provide proper parenting, a reversal is possible. However, this reversal can only happen if the adoptive parents give approval and the birth parents demonstrate their ability to provide proper parenting.

Why Would Adoptive Parents Want an Adoption Reversed? 

Adoptive parents could find difficulty in making their relationship with the child work. While adoptive parents are inclined to win the child’s heart, their attempts could repeatedly hit brick walls. It is heart-breaking to go through the rigorous adoption process only to fail in the end.

To end this frustrating situation and protect the child, adoptive parents could request an adoption reversal. If you are an adoptive parent who sees a need for letting go of an adopted child, there is a chance of getting a revocation order.

Why Would an Adopted Child Want an Adoption Reversed?

A child can grow out of love for their adoptive parents or develop a better relationship with a new family and want an adoption reversal. Unfortunately, a turnaround isn’t possible in this case. The only alternative is to terminate the adoption by initiating a new one.

Best Interest of the Child 

For your adoption reversal request to receive favorable consideration, you must prove that the status quo is detrimental to the child’s well-being. Therefore, the focal point for granting adoption reversal is always the child’s interest. You will require the services of an experienced adoption lawyer in Charlotte to help you make a good case in this regard.

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Giving or accepting a child for adoption is a significant and even life-changing decision to make. Therefore, it should be possible to reverse this decision if you don’t feel it is the right one, no matter how difficult it may seem. Waple and Houk family lawyers help adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents increase their chances to reverse an adoption that doesn’t go quite as planned.

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