Important Questions to Ask a Workers’ Comp Attorney

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Important Questions to Ask a Workers’ Comp Attorney


Important Questions to Ask a Workers’ Comp Attorney

North Carolina employees who sustain work-related injuries can file a workers’ comp claim against their employers. Under workers’ compensation laws, the injured workers can get damages for their medical bills and lost wages. In return, they relinquish their rights to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employers. However, it’s not an automatic process, and affected workers will often need legal assistance from a workers’ comp lawyer.

There are many reasons why you must hire a workers’ comp lawyer for your case. First work comp cases are complicated and require ample knowledge of the law to navigate. Then, again, you’ll need someone skilled in negotiation to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your case.

However, getting an inexperienced legal practitioner for your case is as good as having no lawyer at all. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting who will present you in your settlement claims. Getting the right attorneys will depend on the kind of questions you ask when consulting on your claim. So, we’ve listed some essential questions to ask your attorneys in this article.

8 Essential Questions to Ask a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You can ask your attorney the following questions during and after the initial consultation with them:

1. Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

Not all work comp claims have similar facts. Sometimes, a small detail in your case can make it significantly different and more complicated than others. So, asking your attorney if they’ve handled cases with similar facts to yours helps you judge their competence levels.

If they’ve handled similar cases, you can go ahead to ask about the outcome of such claims. If they were successful, there’s a high chance that yours will be successful too. It’s also an indication that you’re working with an experienced lawyer.

2. How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Many lawyers learn about the intricacies of work comp claims during practice. That said, an attorney with decades of experience will generally serve you better than a fresh lawyer.

3. How Much Do Your Legal Fees Cost?

While a law firm may offer you a free consultation, litigation and other legal services aren’t free. Some lawyers charge by the hour, and some others charge on a contingency fee basis. So, it’s important to know their legal fees and payment pattern before you decide to hire them. That’ll enable you to determine if you will be able to meet up with the financial obligations.

4. What Are My Chances of Success?

Sometimes, you may start a claims process only to discover that you were not eligible for work comp benefits. To avoid such situations, you must ask your lawyer how likely you are to succeed in your claim.

5. Who Will Handle My Case?

When you schedule a consultation with a law firm, they may assign any attorneys to meet with you. Sometimes, the lawyer you consult with may pass your case on to another associate to handle. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, ensure that you speak with the right attorneys and are satisfied with them.

6. What if I’m at Fault for My Injuries?

Generally, workers’ compensation is a no-fault program. However, there are exceptions to that rule. So, if you feel that you’re responsible for your injuries, ask your attorney about how that will affect your claim.

7. What Compensation Benefits Should I Expect?

The compensation you’ll receive for your work-related injuries will depend on the peculiarities of your case. As such, you can ask your attorney to let you in on what to expect in terms of compensation benefits.

8. Can My Employer Terminate My Employment for Filing a Work Comp Claim?

Generally, the law frowns at employers victimizing employees for filing work comp claims against them. However, if you still feel threatened, you can talk to your attorney about your fears. An experienced work comp lawyer will walk you through the steps to take to prevent that from happening. Such assurances from your lawyer will put you in the right state of mind to pursue your claims.

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Whether you’re in a dangerous occupation or not, you can sustain injuries in a work-related accident. In such situations, you’ll need all the help you can get to secure maximum compensation for your losses. Our workers’ compensation attorneys at Waple & Houk are the most qualified legal team to handle your claims.

At our law firm, we boast of the most approachable and dedicated workers’ comp lawyers you can find in Charlotte. In addition, our free case reviews are always a delightful experience to look forward to. So, book a consultation with us today; we’re looking forward to answering any questions you may have.

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