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Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

It takes a lot of courage and strength to make decisions about divorce as a person is likely to go through considerable emotional trauma during all the proceedings. Hiring a specialized divorce lawyer can help not only proceedings go faster and smoother, but also assure your peace of mind during tough times.

Although people get married with good intentions of living and sharing life, not all marriages have a happy ending. Sometimes one partner wants to break the marriage, and the other partner keeps on trying to fix it, or both parties want to end a broken marriage. According to WPR, the U.S. has been ranked as having the sixth highest divorce rate in the world.

Generally, divorces end peacefully with the consent of both parties. There are specific terms and conditions set by both parties, such as custody of their infant, division of property according to the marriage contract, alimony, etc. A peaceful and mutually decided separation makes things easy and favorable for both parties. However, you may still need to hire a Charlotte divorce lawyer.

What Can Be the Outcome When You Don’t Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

If you choose not to hire a divorce attorney, it can affect your divorce proceedings no matter how smoothly you think you are handling things independently. Hiring a divorce lawyer makes a noticeable difference in a swift response, lessens the stress of dealing with paperwork and legal proceedings, and ensures you have someone to stand up for your rights if the divorce becomes contentious.

When you don’t have a lawyer to represent you in court, you suffer a lot because you are unaware of court procedures. Long-term problems can occur because you might slip through the cracks of important issues.

You might mishandle the paperwork because you shall be ignorant of tiny facets of your and your spouse’s finances. A Charlotte divorce lawyer will be able to take all of your assets into account, handle all paperwork with care, and will assist you and your spouse on your way toward legal separation.

Do I Need a Charlotte Divorce Lawyer If We Agree on Everything?

Sadly, divorces that start out with both parties agreeing can turn quickly become a heated battle.

There are many uncertainties involved while going through a divorce, such as your spouse might change their mind and attempt to reconcile. Things could worsen, like your spouse becoming aggressive and trying to get more than they deserve or modifying their initial agreement.

Your Charlotte divorce lawyer will be there with you to handle these problems in such a case. You should hire a divorce lawyer to ensure all of your assets are handled in the best way possible.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Get a Painless Divorce?

If you just started the divorce process, you must be considering whether you should hire an expert for your divorce or save your time and money by representing yourself during court proceedings. However, hiring a professional throughout the legal process is always beneficial.

You should consider contacting an attorney to offer guidance because divorce since the significant legal provisions are complicated. You have to make many decisions directly impacting the rest of your life. Often, the emotional stress of a divorce can impact people’s ability to make informed decisions.

Hiring a divorce attorney is in your best interests in the following situations:

1. Contested Divorce

Partners disagree on important matters to successfully end their marriage in a contested divorce. The cases are common since there are many points couples need to resolve when trying to end their marriage. You need to get professional legal services if it’s evident that you and your partner cannot reach an agreement.

2. Mediation During Divorce

While going through divorce proceedings, mediation has become a common practice. It can be beneficial for you because it can save the lawyer’s fees and avoid court battles with your spouse. Now, most jurisdictions suggest couples try to resolve their issues by mediation before a lawsuit.

Mediation is a private way of resolving disputes without court involvement. A third party aids partners in negotiating a settlement agreement. The main difference between this process and a lawsuit is that mediators don’t determine the winner or loser.

Instead, they help the parties involved find a solution that works for them, developing a win-win option. Typically, couples attend many sessions before they reach an agreement. In case mediation is unsuccessful or not helping, individuals can return to the traditional process where legal representatives engage in negotiations and trials on their behalf.

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3. Custody of Your Child

In most divorce cases, getting child custody is quite challenging. Some of the significant considerations while determining the custody of a child include the financial position, employment, or other responsibilities that could hinder the well-being of children.

Hiring an expert divorce lawyer will make obtaining and keeping child custody much easier. If you are trying to get child custody, you should first hire a reputable divorce attorney. The lawyer will work with you to determine the humblest way of acquiring custody.

4. Abusive Relationship

If you face an abusive situation, get yourself to safety and consult a lawyer. Anyone having an abusive relationship during divorce should work with a divorce lawyer. If you need money to make yourself safe, you can withdraw money from any joint accounts with your spouse. However, make sure you won’t take more than you need, and try to keep less than half of what is in the account.

5. One of You Wants Alimony

If one of you has been a stay-at-home parent while the other is the primary income provider, alimony becomes very convoluted. Your divorce lawyer will ensure you get what you are legally owed in such a situation.

How Can a Charlotte Family Lawyer Help?

After reading this article, if you still have questions in your mind, such as “Should I hire a divorce lawyer?” the answer is YES! You need a Charlotte family lawyer to represent you and assist you throughout the legal process. With the help of our experienced divorce lawyers, you will be able to maintain peace of mind knowing that we are dealing with the legal side of your separation.