Workers’ Compensation Claims: Key Factors to Consider

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Workers’ Compensation Claims: Key Factors to Consider


Workers’ Compensation Claims: Key Factors to Consider

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere. However, it’s the responsibility of employers to provide a safe working environment to their employees. In case of an accident, you need to know that there are multiple factors that can influence workers’ compensation claims. Having experienced Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys by your side strengthens your case.

In 2020, there were around 200,955 preventable injury-related deaths recorded in the United States. An effective safety and health program for your workplace is essential to prevent workplace injuries. A sudden injury can completely derail your life. When one parent suffers a workplace injury, the entire family suffers.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps employees to recover rehabilitation and medical expenses. It also provides income benefits for the injured victims. These payments help employees to provide for their families while they are recovering.

Factors That Influence Workers’ Compensation Claims

Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys help you gather the right evidence and obtain the compensation you deserve. The following factors can influence the likelihood of workplace accidents:

  1. Workers Age: Younger workforce is more prone to accidents as they are less experienced. They tend to take risks which can result in workplace injuries. Whereas older workers require more time to heal from injuries and their time away from work is longer. The cost of workers’ compensation claims for older workers is also higher.
  2. Working Behavior: The behavior of employees whether they exhibit risk-taking, conscientiousness, compliance, or resilience.
  3. Non-Work Health Conditions: Whether workers experience poor stress management, sleep problems, smoking, or obesity.
  4. Workplace Stress: If employers are under stress, they may be more likely to make a mistake that leads to a workplace accident.

Preventing Injuries

Prevention steps are taken even before an employee is hired. It is necessary to develop measures that can protect employees from serious injuries because dealing with injuries is extremely challenging. Suffering the pain along with mounting bills can have a huge toll on your mind.

Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys have years of experience in dealing with similar cases. They will provide you with the best legal advice according to your case. Employers can help prevent accidents through the following safety and health management measures:

  • HR should communicate the company’s safety procedures and the importance of compliance with prospective employees.
  • HR should conduct a proper screening to analyze behavioral and personality traits and match them with job roles.
  • The company should provide staff with all the required protective equipment.
  • The company should train new employees about the job duties and potential safety hazards of the job.
  • Training employees about all the new safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Employees should be well aware of the importance of following safety procedures.
  • The company should encourage and reward employees who follow safety guidelines.
  • The company should identify safety weaknesses and investigate injuries and workplace accidents to update safety standards.
  • The company should ask employees to fully engage in protecting their own and others’ safety and health.
  • A strong safety program can easily prevent incidents that lead to workers’ compensation claims.

Impact of New Hires

When it comes to new hiring, businesses need to take special care. The majority of workplace injury claims usually happen in the first year of employment. One of the main reasons is inexperience and lack of knowledge about the job duties.

The riskiest period is when a new employee begins work. They are more prone to sustain injuries at this time because they are still learning how to operate machinery/equipment and perform activities.

Risk-Taking Employees

To cut the workload or save time, often employees tend to look for shortcuts. Those who take unnecessary are more likely to suffer injuries.
Management needs to communicate with workers, correct risky behavior, and emphasize that it’s never acceptable to sacrifice safety for speed.

Risky behaviors at the workplace include the following:

  • >Failure to use protective equipment
  • Being in an unsafe posture or position
  • Injuries caused by combining materials or substances
  • Using material or equipment in an unsafe way
  • Operating machinery at an unsafe speed
  • Deactivating safety devices
  • Maintenance or repairs on machinery that is still active

Common Reasons for Needing Workers’ Compensation

The most common injuries reported at the workplace include strains and sprains. Apart from these, contusions, fractures, cuts or punctures, and inflammation are commonly reported workplace injuries. The most common causes were:

  • Slips and falls
  • Overuse or strain
  • Accidents with tools
  • Material handling
  • Struck by an object

Lifting injuries are especially common in manufacturing and construction businesses. Lifting injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims include the following:

  • Tendonitis
  • Herniated disks
  • Back sprains
  • Rotator cuff tears

Impact of Worker Age on Claims

Workers’ age directly affects workers’ compensation claims. Workplace injuries reduce as the worker ages. However, older workers require more compensation as their illness is more severe due to age. Younger employees are more inclined to take risks.

Extensive safety training, pre-employment screening, and well-planned onboarding can help decrease the risks of workplace injuries. Older people can become complacent with experience even though they have a greater awareness of safety policies and measures.

How Can Hiring a Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Managing workers’ compensation claims alone can be challenging. Experienced Charlotte personal injury attorneys will help you obtain the right compensation. Our attorneys will help you in gathering the relevant evidence, documentation, negotiations, and filing the claim.
If you or someone you know suffered an injury at the workplace, immediately get in touch with our experienced attorneys. There is a limited time to file a workers’ compensation claim so if you wait too long, you might give your insurance provider an opportunity to reject your claim.

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