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Why Is a Work Comp Insurance Company Spying on Me?

While it’s a well-known fact that North Carolina provides work comp benefits for injured employees, it’s not automatic. You’ll need to hire a Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure that you get your benefits in time. That’s especially because insurance companies will typically leverage any loophole to reduce your compensation amounts or deny your claims.

There are many reasons insurance companies may give for denying your claims. For example, they may assert that your injuries aren’t truly work-related because you had pre-existing medical conditions. They may also deny you compensation because you missed specific deadlines or couldn’t provide complete documents.

Insurance companies can even spy on you while sourcing for legitimate reasons to deny your claim. This article will discuss why insurers may see the need to put you under surveillance. We’ll also let you in on how you can protect yourself in such situations.

Reasons Why Insurance Companies May Spy on Claimants

First, if you’re pondering about the legality of an insurance company’s surveillance, it’s legal for them to watch you. So long as they’re not invading your privacy, they aren’t breaking any laws. Therefore, it’s best to assume that they’re spying on you to enable you to be on guard at all times.

The major reason insurance companies spy on claimants is to catch them doing something wrong. If they succeed, it gives them legal reasons to deny or reduce your claims. Insurers usually order surveillance when they don’t have any evidence to use against you.

To watch your activities, these companies may hire a private investigator to follow you discretely. The investigators will record your movements from when you go to the grocery store, visit your kid’s school, etc. In summary, they want to find evidence that your injuries aren’t as bad as you make them seem.

How Will Surveillance Affect My Work Comp Claim?

If an insurance company finds useful evidence against you, it can affect your workers’ compensation claims in the following ways:

  • False Injury or Disability

The insurance company’s surveillance may show that you don’t have the disabilities or injuries you’re claiming. The truth is that evidence from spying on you may not represent reality. They can leverage the one time you had a good day to show that you’re not suffering any pain.

  • Exaggerated Injuries

If they can’t prove that you weren’t injured, they may allege that you’re exaggerating your injuries. Like the example above, they may use the one time you managed to lift a heavy item against you.

  • Lack of Credibility

If an insurance company can prove that you’ve told a lie in your claims, you’re at a great disadvantage. That’s why you must be 100% honest when making any claims or allegations. It’s better not to say anything than to get caught in a lie.

What to Do When the Work Comp Insurance Company Is Spying on You

There’s no need to panic when you discover that your employer’s work comp insurance carrier is watching you. Anxiety can lead to costly mistakes.

Here’s what to do in such situations:

  • Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Ensure that you follow your physician’s orders to the latter. That’s the major loophole insurance companies look out for. If you disobey your doctor”s instructions to avoid heavy lifting, the work comp insurers can use that against you.

  • Be Careful With Social Media

Private investigators can spy on you via your social media pages. So be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Avoid posting anything related to your work comp case.

  • Don’t Engage a Suspected Private Investigator

Don’t talk to strangers about your work comp claims. Don’t say anything if anyone walks up to you to ask questions.

  • Talk to Your Work Comp Lawyer

Your Charlotte work comp attorney always has your best interest at heart. They’ll offer you the best advice on how to behave in your situation.

Contact an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer Immediately!

If you’re wondering whether your employer’s work comp insurance company is spying on you, they probably are. So, you must protect yourself by ensuring that you don’t give them legitimate reasons to deny your claims. Your workers’ compensation attorney will always be there to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

The outcome of your case is as good as the quality of legal representation you hire. That’s why Charlotte employees who want the best results always choose our work comp lawyers at Waple and Houk. At our law firm, we’ll represent you with everything we’ve got and ensure that you get maximum compensation. Contact us for a free consultation right away.