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At Waple & Houk, PLLC, our Salisbury family law attorneys understand how deeply personal your family dynamics are, and how they impact each area of your life when things are not as planned.

The reality is, when you need a family lawyer, things may feel as though tougher than ever at home, at work, and even in your social circles. Whether you are seeking a divorce or would like to make changes to an existing family law court order, your life is going to feel as though it is on hold until these important issues are resolved.

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Our North Carolina attorneys help individuals and families navigate our state’s challenging family court system, so they can move forward with their lives with confidence. Contact our Rowan County family law attorneys today to explore your customized legal options during a free initial consultation.

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At Waple & Houk, PLLC, our skilled family lawyers in Salisbury represent clients throughout North Carolina, so they understand their legal rights and options from the start.

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Do My Spouse and I Have to Be Legally Separated Before Pursuing Our Family Law Case?

If you are pursuing a divorce in North Carolina, you and your spouse must live separately for one year, with the intention of the arrangement being permanent, before you can move forward with the proceedings. In short, there is no “legal separation.” However, spouses can begin outlining a separation agreement as soon as they move into two different residences that includes their financial, child custody, and visitation agreements that may set the groundwork for their divorce proceedings.

Can My Spouse Refuse to Cooperate with My North Carolina Family Law Case?

In North Carolina, one spouse cannot refuse a divorce, or avoid participating in the legal requirements necessary to establish child custody or child support hearings. If you are married, and your spouse is refusing to participate in the proceedings, talk to your Salisbury family lawyer about your legal rights and options to proceed, despite his or her involvement in the process.

Can My Spouse and I Use the Same Family Law Attorney in Salisbury, North Carolina?

No. Simply put, when you and a previous partner or spouse are involved in a family law case in North Carolina, you have competing interests. Even if you agree on how to distribute your property, and any other details — including child custody, child support, and financial support needs — both must obtain their own family lawyer to ensure their rights are protected during the negotiations, and before they sign anything. Our Salisbury family law attorney can help ensure your best interests are protected from the beginning of your case through its completion.

How Long Will My North Carolina Family Law Case Take?

Our Salisbury family law attorneys outline each client’s unique legal needs from the start of their cases to help ensure they understand the totality of their agreements — before they sign anything. From a timing standpoint, this means something different for everyone. If you know your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is going to contest each detail of your divorce, it is probably safe to say your legal proceedings will take longer than a couple who agrees on how they are going to part ways. While each North Carolina family law case is unique, our Salisbury attorneys can help you understand how your case will unfold, and the timing associated with its resolution, so you know what to expect now and going forward.

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